SaniStation Office Hand Sanitising Station

£595.00 (ex VAT)

  • Hand Sanitiser Dispenser
  • No Hand Contact Required
  • Integrated Infrared Sensor
  • AISI36 Stainless Steel Tap
  • Nonporous Countertop
  • Capacity For 2 x 6L Containers
  • Powered By 9V Battery / 12V Transformer

SaniStation Office Hand Sanitising Station

Contactless, portable hand sanitiser dispenser

The SaniStation Office Hand Sanitising Station is an electronic washstand with an automatic dispenser pump so that there is no need for any contact with your hands.

The dispenser is activated by an infrared sensor that is integrated within the mounted AISI316 stainless steel tap. As you place your hands underneath the spout without touching it, the sensor will trigger the electronic pump. It will then dispense a sanitiser gel which you can rub into your palms and fingers.

This is a freestanding unit that offers a safe and sanitary solution to cleaning your hands in places where there is no sink or water supply.

It features a stylish design, and it is ideal for workplaces such as offices, foyers, reception areas, showrooms and schools. It is also suitable for busy public areas such as supermarkets, shops, petrol stations, pharmacies, banks and more.

The Care Sanitiser Washstand has a solid, nonporous surface countertop for hygienic cleaning, a 2 x 6-litre sanitiser gel capacity, and removable front panels for easy access, maintenance, and cleaning.

The electronic mechanism is powered by a 9V battery or a 12V transformer.

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