Prosolve Underground Warning Tape (Pack of 4 150mm x 365m Rolls)

£52.50 (ex VAT)

- Designed To Offer Signalling and Identification of  Electric Cables, Gas Mains, Water Pipes Etc 
- Ideal for Building Sites, Roadworks and Maintenance Jobs
- Pack of 4


Pack Size: 4x 150mm x 365m Rolls

ProSolve Underground Warning Tape offers highly visible signalling and colour coded identification when locating and working with underground services to prevent accidental damage.

 Featuring a broad range of different services including electric cables, gas mains, sewer pipes, street lighting cables, telephone cables and water pipes, these 150mm wide lengths of tape come in striking colours that designed to give workers and pedestrians alike full awareness of unseen or underground hazards on building sites, roadworks, maintenance jobs and more.

Available in cartons for 4.

At 365m of tape per roll, ProSolve Underground Warning Tape offers significantly more than other brands on the market, and because they are so quick and easy to install, these are perfect to have on hand in case of emergencies.

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