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ProSolve Road Crayons (5 Pack of 12 Road Crayons - 112mm x 19mm)

Pack Size: 5 Boxes of 12 Road Crayons (112mm x 19mm)

ProSolve Hard Road Crayons and Soft Road Crayons

The perfect non-toxic solution for temporary marking jobs on a variety of surfaces including roads, asphalt, concrete, stone, pavements and more.

Equally suitable for interior and exterior use, these road crayons are weatherproof and hardwearing, making them great to use for highlighting potholes and divets, identifying underground hazards, planning road or marking changes, basic stencil and arrow designs and much more.

These hard and soft road crayons come in packs of 12, are available in a variety of different colours, and are a handy 112 x 19mm in size. For more information on our hard road crayons and soft road crayons or any other product in our extensive range, contact the friendly experts on the sales team today.

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"ProSolve Road Crayons (5 Pack of 12 Road Crayons - 112mm x 19mm)"