ProSolve Industrial Barrier Cream

£42.25 (ex VAT)

- High-Quality Industrial Barrier Cream
- Designed to Protect skin from the Harmful Additives
- Protects Bolts, Sliding Doors, Bearings and More
- 12 X 500ml
- Easy-to-Use

Box Size: 12 x 500ml Cans

ProSolve Barrier Cream

Industrial barrier cream for hands to protect from oil and grease

ProSolve Barrier Cream is an industrial barrier cream for hands, designed to protect skin from the harmful additives in oil, grease and paint in workshops, garages, factories and other industrial areas. Simply applied to the hands as a spray before starting work and during breaks, this industrial barrier cream is rich in emollients. It helps to lock in moisture so that the hands remain hydrated and provides an essential barrier against a wide range of dirt and soiling. Following work, hands should be cleaned using ProSolve Beaded Hand Gel and water. Prosolve Barrier Cream is sold in boxes of 12 x 500ml spray cans.

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