ProSolve scaffolding Debris Netting

£28.50 (ex VAT)

Scaffolding Debris Netting - A Strong and Effective Solution

For the prevention of debris, waste or loose-material falling or incurring outside the bounds of the area or site. Popular prevention equipment for scaffolding work.

Available in a range of colours, and particularly popular when used to cover scaffolding, heras fencing, site barriers and more, this debris netting also improves the aesthetics of a site by covering up potentially unsightly equipment as well as providing cover for workers and equipment - promoting a safer and more favourable working environment.

Using this debris netting can help prevent injury or damage to pedestrians, workers, traffic, and property and is a necessity in a number of industries including construction, highway maintenance, renovation, painting and decorating, building, engineering and much more.

Debris netting can also be used for covering up skips when full or when being left to prevent anything from falling out, or anything from getting in that shouldn't be in there.

These 2m x 50m rolls and 3m x 50m rolls are extremely cost-effective and are easy to fit, replace and remove. To find out more about our debris netting, or any other product in our extensive range of site essentials, contact the friendly experts on the sales team today.

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