ProSolve Bitumen Sealer Spray

12 x 500ml
£55.00 (ex VAT)

- High-Quality Bitumen Sealer
- Creates a Solid Bond Between Surfaces
- 12 x 500ml Cans
- Easy-to-Use
- Durable

Pack Size: 12x 500ml Cans

ProSolve Bitumen Sealer

Vital when it comes to the safe and efficient sealing of joints on road surfaces - with effective sealing of road repairs being a mandatory requirement in a lot of cases.

Without this highly effective bitumen sealer, road and pavement repairs using bitumen may be left with open joints or edges that are susceptible to water incursion, expansion and a shorter lifespan due to day-to-day usage by traffic.

Available in boxes of 12 handy 500ml cans.

This bitumen sealer is particularly popular within the highway repairs, automotive, engineering, and road maintenance industries, as it creates a solid bond between surfaces. For more information on our Prosolve Bitumen Sealer or any other product in our extensive range, contact the friendly experts on the sales team today.

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