MMXX Antibacterial Filter Face Masks

£179.80 (ex VAT)

  • Reduces Spread Of Viruses & Bacteria
  • Re-usable - from just £0.06p per use!
  • Machine Washable Up To 100 Times
  • Antibacterial Finish
  • Comfortable & Secure Fit
  • One Size Fits All
  • Made In Britain
  • Discounts Available On Bulk Orders

MMXX Antibacterial Filter Face Masks

High quality re-usable face masks made in Britain

MMXX antibacterial filter masks are high quality reusable face masks, made from a combination of nylon and specialised elastomeric yarns, knitted together to form a two way or ‘bi-stretch’ material. They are designed to reduce the spread of viruses and bacteria when out in public places, visiting hospitals, care homes, supermarkets, on public transport and more.

These high quality face covering masks are made in the UK, in an NHS approved factory. They are knitted on the best High Tech Fine Gauge Seamless machinery.

They fit securely around the mouth and nose, contouring the face, leaving no gaps or exposed areas like some other face masks. The natural crimp in the yarn gives a flexible softness at the same time as providing a dense mechanical filtration effect. MMXX face masks also have an antibacterial finish, which inhibits bacteria from multiplying, reducing the risk of infection.

MMXX face masks are machine washable, so they can be sanitised after each use. The antibacterial treatment is proven to last over 20 washes, and the face masks can be washed up to 100 times before replacement, meaning great value for money and convenience. As these masks are quick dry, you can wash them in the evening and they will be ready to wear the next morning for your commute or shopping trip.

MMXX antibacterial face masks are available in both black and white. They are sold in boxes of minimum 20 masks, and each mask is individually packaged in its own sealed plastic wrapper.

Pricing & Discounts

We can offer discounts on larger orders, as detailed below:

  • Boxes of 20 & 40 masks, price per mask: £8.99
  • Boxes of 100 masks, price per mask: £7.50
  • Boxes of 200 masks, price per mask: £7.25
  • Boxes of 500 masks, price per mask: £6.75
  • Boxes of 1000 masks, price per mask: £6.00

These masks are available from just £6 per mask. As they can be used up to 100 times, this equates to only £0.06p per wear!

Material: 92% Polyamide (Nylon) 8% Elastane (Lycra)
Mask Net Weight: 15g
Size: One size fits all
Multi use
Washable at 40°
Mask can be machine washed up to 100 times
Antibacterial treatment lasts over 20 machine washes
Temperature control and quick dry features
Made in a NHS approved factory in the UK
Declaration of Conformity: CE Class 1 - Non medical
Store in dry ambient conditions away from any heat source
Important Safety Notice - Not suitable for unattended small children

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