LineMark iGO Deluxe Line Marking Machine

£863.00 (ex VAT)

- Professional, High Quality, Deluxe Line Marking Machine
- Robust 4 Wheel line Marking Machine
- Great for Pitches, Courts, Tracks, Car Parks, and Industrial Floors.
- Creates Bright, Crisp, Well-Defined Lines
- Durable and Reliable

The New Industry Standard Line Marking Machine

Trusted by professionals around the world

The LineMark iGO Deluxe line marking machine is a professional line marker spray machine. It is used by some of the world’s top sports clubs for line marking the pitches and courts at their stadiums and training facilities. It is also used by line marking professionals carrying out car park line marking jobs and industrial floor marking jobs - indoors and outdoors. This professional line marking spray machine is easy to use, cost effective and it has a range of features that ensure the best possible finish for bright, accurate and crisp lines on every surface.

Versatile Line Marker

Mark out pitches, courts, running tracks, car parks, industrial floors & more!

The LineMark iGO Deluxe is the perfect line marking machine for professionals. The machine comes with a range of different nozzles, for use with different LineMark paints and for marking on different surfaces. Ideal for groundsmen, sports clubs, contractors and local authorities, these line marking machines can be used for marking on hard floors like concrete and tarmac, grass turf and synthetic grass such as 3G, 4G and plastic pitches. LineMark have a range of line marking paints available in 5L and 10L containers that covers every surface and every possible application. All of these paints can be applied by the iGO Deluxe.

Easy To Use Line Marking Machine

No mixing. No pouring. No mess!

The iGO Deluxe is part of a new generation of line marking machines from LineMark. It is a professional machine designed with the user in mind. It makes the job of line marking large areas of ground much quicker, easier and more practical. This machine sprays the paint straight out of the container - there is no need for diluting, mixing, pouring or making a mess! Simply give the paint container a shake, place it on the machine, screw the pump probe on to the container and the machine is ready to mark. Despite this, if you do prefer to use LineMark’s water-diluted concentrate paints, the machine can be converted quickly to allow for this. A specially designed pod container has been developed that simply drops onto the existing tray - any diluted paints can then be poured into this pod and the pump probe is then screwed onto the top of the pod.

Professional Line Marking

Outstanding results every time

LineMark design and build their machines to the highest standard, to offer superior performance to anything else on the market. The high pressure pump, powered by a rechargeable battery, ensures consistent application of paint for high quality lines and the ability to accurately cost line marking jobs. The spray is easily controlled by a simple push button which leaves no drips and the width of the line can be adjusted easily using the adjustable disc spacers which surround the nozzle. The disc spacers can also be raised using a handle on the control bar, in order to reposition the machine easily at the end of a line. An internal water container and valve allow you to prime the pump quickly at the start of the job and clean out the system easily at the end of the job.

Please note: For best results, shake the container of paint before use. Ensure that you flush the iGO Deluxe system through and clean the nozzles at the end of each job, using LineMark’s Flush Through Solution.

Customer Product Reviews
  • Best line making machine I've used

    This is the Rolls Royce of paint machines - super fast and a good thick layer of paint, very happy :)
    Waterbased paint too so easy to clean

  • Finally A Line Marking Machine That WORKS!

    After purchasing several machines in the past and being left disappointed,I didn't hold my breath when ordering this one. However, I must say I am relieved to learn that there is actually a line marking machine out there that works!

    I am very happy with this product and the finish it creates...very easy to use too.

  • The Best Out There

    I have used numerous line marking machines in the past, this one surpasses them all in terms of quality, ease of use and result.

  • The Best Of The Bunch

    Had a few machines over the years and this one is by far the best that I have owned. Really easy to use, good quality and durable. The service I was provided on the live chat was great too, the sales agent really helped me decide what machine best suited my requirements...Good Product, Good Company.

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