Hand Held Line Marker Paint Applicator (Special)

£35.60 (ex VAT)

- Handheld Paint Applicator
- For Use with 500ml, 600ml and 750ml Paint Cans
- Multi-Purpose Use
- Great for Car Park, Warehouses and More
- Creates Straight, Well-Defined Lines

For Use With: 500ml Paint Cans, 600ml Paint Cans, 750ml Paint Cans

An adaptable hand held line marker paint applicator

For easy freehand marking – whatever the size of the can

Our special hand held line marker paint applicator is different to our standard hand held applicator, in that it can be adapted to fit 500ml, 600ml, as well as 750ml line marker paint cans. The hand held applicator (special) is ideal for marking all kinds of lines, marks and shapes freehand, and spraying stencil designs on to all kinds of surfaces.


Simple by design

For fast and effective line marking

Simply by squeezing the trigger, you can quickly and accurately spray line marking paint wherever it is needed, with no mess or fuss. The simple design of our special hand held line marker paint applicator also makes it really easy to adjust to fit different sized paint cans, and it makes line marking much more comfortable over longer periods.


An all-round applicator. Ready for anything.

Unlimited applications. Unlimited possibilities.

The simple design and operation of our hand held line marker paint applicator (special) makes it ideal for any kind of line marking application. Whether you're marking areas of a car park, warehouse, factory, play area or sports pitch freehand; or if you're marking stock, marking up areas for surveying, or marking trees to be felled, our hand held applicator (special) is the ideal piece of equipment for the job, no matter the size of the line marker paint can.

Customer Product Reviews
  • Special marker

    Good product, happy we could use the 500ml cans we alredy had, simple but effective way of using smaller cans to the standard 750ml ..saved us a fortune on paint !!



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