Grassline Temp Mark Temporary Aerosol Marking Paint

£66.00 (ex VAT)

  • Pack of 12 X 750ml Containers
  • Can Be Used on Hard Surface & Grass
  • High Colour Pigment
  • Ideal For Hard Surfaces
  • Bright, Strong Coloured Lines
  • Free of Lead & Xylene
  • Range of Colours Available
  • Contains No CFCs

Grassline Temp Mark Temporary Aerosol Marking Paint

Temporary hard surface line marking with bright colours

Grassline Temporary Aerosol Marking Paint has a high colour pigment for a bright, strong coloured line markings.
Available in either white and yellow, this temporary aerosol line marking paint is both lead and xylene free plus contains no CFCs.
Ideal for use on hard surfaces, such as car parks, playgrounds and also for small grass areas like corner arcs, centre circle and more.
The line can be easily removed by agitating with a warm soapy water and a brush to break down the resin – a soft brush on grass and a hard brush on hard surfaces.
Depending on the thickness of line required and the speed at which the operative walks/method of application, a single 750ml container will mark a line around 100 linear meters in length.
Aerosol line marking paint can be applied by hand or by using an aerosol applicator and is supplied in a box of 12 x 750ml.

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