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Flexiline Thermoplastic Line Marking Tape

Tape Size: Roll - 100mm x 5000mm

Flexiline Thermoplastic Line Marking Tape

High quality lines for car parks, walkways and more!

Clean. Crisp. Clear. Easy to use Line Marking Tape

Flexiline thermoplastic line marking tape is an extremely easy to use line marking system which provides high quality, hard-wearing lines in no time at all!

This thermoplastic line marking tape is 10cm wide, it is manufactured from modified BS3262 thermoplastic, and it comes in 5m rolls. Available in white or yellow, this line marking tape is ideal for marking out car parks, walkways, cycle paths, playgrounds and more!

Flexiline thermoplastic road marking tape is independently road tested in accordance to BSEN 1824, performance characteristics to BSEN 1463; and it fully complies with the Road and Streetworks Act 1991 code of practice for reinstatement.


High-quality Line Marking Tapes

No need for expensive, complicated equipment!

Flexiline's thermoplastic floor marking tape is extremely easy to apply. First, ensure that the concrete or tarmac area is dry and free of any debris and dirt. Next, pre-treat the area you want to line mark with Flexiline Easytack Primer – this aerosol tack spray improves adhesion between the thermoplastic and the concrete surface, for the highest quality, long-lasting lines. Finally, lay the tape out over the area you want to line mark, and use a gas torch to heat the thermoplastic tape, causing it to fuse on to the concrete. Simple.

This thermoplastic line marking tape provides a simple, low cost solution to line marking, without the need for specialist equipment and line marking professionals to be brought to site.


Ready for use in no time!

One of the best line marking tape systems around

This thermoplastic line marker tape is dry to the touch just 10-15 minutes after application, and it is ready for use almost right away!

Customer Product Reviews
  • Job well done

    Worked out more expensive than the line marking paint but looks like it will last a lot longer in the warehouse.

  • Thermoplastic lining

    Tried aerosols and although cheap and effective if you want your lines to look pro and stay down for a long time its definitely the way to go
    "buy cheap-buy twice" its cheaper in the long run believe me

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