Gas Torch For Thermoplastic Line Marking

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Gas Torch For Thermoplastic Line Marking

Our gas torches are designed for applying Flexiline thermoplastic line marking tape to concrete and tarmac surfaces.

This line marking system provides a high quality, fast and economical line marking solution; as, using the thermoplastic tape and this gas torch, you can produce bright, crisp lines for car parks, walkways, play areas and more!

The gas torch attaches to a gas bottle (not provided) and is operated manually. Simply ensure the concrete area is dry and clear of debris, pre-treat the concrete area with Flexiline Easytack Primer and lay the thermoplastic tape over the surface. Then hold the gas blow torch 10-15cm away from the thermoplastic tape to apply the correct amount of heat to fuse the tape to the surface. This will leave you a crisp and clear line marking finish that dries within minutes.

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