Wheel Transfer Line Markers

We have a great selection of wheel transfer line markers available to order online or over the phone. Transfer wheel line marking machines have been trusted by groundsmen for generations for line marking all kinds of sports pitches and courts on grass surfaces. They offer great value, ease of use and years of reliable service. These line markers can be used with any ready to use or diluted concentrate grass line marking liquid paint.

Transfer Wheel Line Markers

Ideal for line marking sports pitches & courts on grass surfaces

Our range of transfer wheel sports pitch line marking machines features high quality, professional standard equipment from some of the best brands in the industry. These easy to use wheel to wheel line marking machines can be used by schools, amateur sports clubs and professional sports clubs to mark out pitches and courts on grass quickly and easily. They are available in different sizes and they feature internal paint tanks that can be filled with liquid grass line marking paint. They feature internal pick up wheels, transfer rollers and front marking wheels, which apply the paint on to the ground. You can select from a choice of different line marking wheel widths in order to get different line widths with your machine. We can also supply spare marking wheels, in order to swap out the wheels and mark lines of different widths when required.