Industrial Floor Paint For Concrete

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We have a quality range of industrial floor paint for concrete available. This durable paint is perfect for coating concrete & tarmac floors & surfaces in demanding industrial & commercial environments. It is ideal for warehouses, showrooms, corridors, car parks, store rooms, factories, cold stores, garages, boiler rooms, clean rooms & more.


Industrial Floor Paint For Concrete

Protective floor coating for concrete & tarmac surfaces

Industrial floor paint is incredibly tough and long-lasting. It helps protect floors from abrasions and other damage that could become a hazard or health risk that causes trips or falls. It is capable of withstanding footfall, vehicles, heavy equipment, and impacts from dropped tools. It also provides water resistance, chemical resistance, and more. Concrete floor paint is long-lasting, easy to apply, quick-drying, easy to clean, and is suitable to use with an anti-skid additive to ensure there are no slippery surfaces.

Industrial floor paint is incredibly versatile and can be used to coat floors in warehouses, showrooms, corridors, car parks, storerooms, factories, cold stores, garages, boiler rooms, clean rooms, schools, hospitals, prisons, gyms, offices and more.

Types of industrial floor coatings

Acrylic floor paint: Acrylic industrial floor coating is hard-wearing and long-lasting. It is versatile, easy to apply, and offers excellent coverage with a smooth finish. Acrylic floor paint protects floors from impact, abrasion, and solvent, salt, and water spills. We have Prosolve Industrial Floor Paint, Prosolve Prime & Seal, and Prosolve Anti-Skid Additive available.

Polyurethane floor paint: PU resin is a versatile, durable, and lasting industrial floor coating. It offers excellent coverage, cures quickly, and produces a smooth finish. Polyurethane floor paint provides resistance to absorption, chemicals, impacts, moisture, scratches, and temperature. It is also extremely hygienic, as it is easy to clean, and it offers anti-slip properties for safety underfoot. We have Flag Anti-Slip Water Based Floor Paint, Flag Anti-Slip PU Floor Paint, and Flag Heavy-Duty Elastomeric Floor Paint available.

Industrial floor paint colours

We have industrial floor paint in a wide range of colours to cover rough and dull concrete surfaces. Grey is one of the most popular colours of industrial floor paint, as it is neutral and allows for other contrasting colours to be applied on top for line marking applications. We also have bolder, more vibrant colours available, including blue, red, green, black, white, and yellow.

Advantages of industrial floor paint

- Bring life back into old, tired industrial concrete floors
- Provides a smooth and level surface
- Prevent damage from footfall, equipment & machinery
- Protects from oil, grease, petrol and other chemical spills
- Protects from moisture and temperature
- Improves safety by reducing the risk of slips & falls
- Easy to clean
- It is affordable and cost effective

Industrial floor paint installation

Preparation is key to achieving a professional, high quality, long-lasting painted floor finish. Applying paint to dirty and damaged concrete is never recommended. Broken and cracked areas of concrete should be removed and repaired before application of paint. Old coatings and any ingrained dirt, stains and spills should be cleaned out or mechanically ground out of the floor. The floor should be thoroughly swept and cleaned.

Concrete surfaces must be sealed and primed with a protective layer before industrial paint is applied. You can usually achieve this with one product, such as Prosolve Prime & Seal. Primer is thinner than paint, so it penetrates porous concrete, creating a level layer and preventing ingress from dust and fluids. It also ensures that the primary floor coating bonds well for a perfect, reliable finish.

When applying the main coating, you can use a brush or roller to paint the perimeter of the space. You can then pour out the floor paint onto a set point and use a short to medium pile roller to spread it out section by section. Use cross-rolling to get the best, even coverage. Industrial floor paint cures quickly, and the product will advise how long it takes before you can apply a second coat if needed. Always follow the manufacturer's application instructions for your chosen floor paint.