Heavy Duty Floor Paint

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We have a great range of heavy-duty floor paints available from top brands such as Flag Paints & Prosolve. These floor paints are ideal for coating floors in workshops, garages, warehouses and a range of other industrial areas. They rejuvenate tired old industrial floors, protect from damage by equipment, machinery and spills, and prevent slips & falls.


Heavy Duty Floor Paint

Rejuvenate tired industrial floors. Protect from damage & spills. Prevent slips & falls.

We have heavy duty floor paint available in a wide range of colours. These industrial floor paints and coatings are designed for restoring old & tired concrete floors, preventing damage from equipment and machinery, or oil, grease, petrol and other chemicals spills. We also have anti-slip paints and aggregate to improve safety by reducing the risk of slips and trips.

Advantages of Heavy Duty Floor Paint

- Bring life back into old, tired industrial concrete floors
- Prevent damage from footfall, equipment & machinery
- Protect from oil, grease, petrol and other chemical spills
- Make floor cleaning easier
- Improve safety by reducing risk of slips & falls

Applications For Floor Paint

Our heavy duty floor paints are designed for application to concrete floors in a wide range of busy commercial and industrial areas:

Leisure Centres
And many more…

Types of Heavy Duty Floor Paint

Prosolve Industrial Floor Paint - A great single-pack, fast drying floor paint, ideal for workshops and garages, warehouses and more. It is available in a great range of colours and offers easy application, abrasion resistance and resistance to solvents, salt and water. We also have Prosolve Prime & Seal available - the perfect concrete floor primer and sealer to use before applying Prosolve Industrial Floor Paint. Prosolve Anti-Skid Additive is an anti-slip aggregate which can be mixed into the paint or spread over the freshly painted floor surface to reduce the risk of slips and falls on the floor, especially when wet.

Flag Anti-Slip Water Based Floor Paint - A high quality, fast drying and low-odor acrylic floor paint, designed to seal, colour and protect industrial concrete floors. It is available in a choice of popular colours and can be used in workshops to protect the floor and reduce risk of slips and falls.

Flag Anti Slip PU Floor Paint - A tough and robust single-pack polyurethane resin paint for workshop floors, garage floors and warehouse floors. It offers a hard-wearing, easy to clean, oil-resistant finish and it is ideal for areas with heavier traffic. Protects the floor from damage and spills, and helps to reduce the risk of slips.

Floor Paint Colours

We have industrial floor paint available in a wide range of popular colours, ideal for coating workshop floors, garage floors and more. Grey is one of the most popular industrial floor paint colours, as it is a practical colour, not too loud and does not show up dirt too easily. Blue, red and green are also popular workshop floor paint colours. They offer a more interesting and vibrant look for a workshop or garage and add more colour to darker industrial environments. We also have yellow, black and white workshop floor paints available. So whichever colours you prefer for your workshop floor, we can provide suitable industrial paints to coat the surface effectively.

Preparation For Heavy Duty Floor Paint

Please note that, as with all painting, preparation is key to achieving a professional, high quality, long lasting painted floor finish. Applying paint to dusty or crumbly concrete is never recommended. Broken and cracked areas of concrete should be removed and repaired before application of paint. Old coatings and any ingrained dirt, stains and spills should be cleaned out or mechanically ground out of the floor. The floor should be thoroughly swept and cleaned, sealed and primed before paint is applied. Always follow the manufacturer's application instructions for your chosen floor paint.