Disinfectant Fogging Machines & Sprayers

We have an excellent range of fogging machines & disinfectant sprayers available online. Foggers & sprayers offer a fast & easy way to spread disinfectants around large areas to sanitise surfaces, killing any germs, bacteria & viruses. They are ideal for offices, care homes, kitchens, hotels, transport, restaurants, schools, hotels & much more.

Disinfectant Fogging Machines & Sprayers

Cleaning & sanitising equipment

Fogging machines and sprayers allow you to disperse disinfectants around areas quickly, easily, and thoroughly sanitising the entire space evenly. They help kill germs, bacteria, and viruses, helping prevent the spread of infections and illnesses. Disinfecting fogging machines and sprayers help to maintain a safe and healthy environment during COVID-19 and beyond. They are suitable for workplaces and public areas such as schools, offices, care homes, shops, hotels, transport, restaurants, hotels, libraries, kitchens, and much more.

Fogger machines diffuse liquid disinfectants, filling the air with droplets that spread and settle on all surfaces, including ceilings, walls, tables, floors, and all the tight corners you might not consider. They are lightweight, portable units that you can carry to different sites while fogging, or you can place them in a room and leave them running. The Master SF3 disinfectant spray fogger is a compact, handheld machine, which features a 4.5-litre tank, adjustable spray volume and particle size, and a large spraying range. The Sauber Chemicals Electric disinfectant sprayer is a portable and robust professional-level chemical sprayer used by first-response sanitising contractors and individuals. It is an efficient machine that you can also use as a disinfectant sprayer.

Disinfectant sprayers work similarly to fogger machines, only they allow for more direct and targeted coverage. The Graco Ultra cordless disinfectant sprayer is a cordless spray gun. It is lightweight and easy to use, and it allows you to spray in any direction, including upside down so that you can reach awkward spots. This sprayer is powered by a single 18V battery and can spray up to 3.79-litres of disinfectant on a full charge. The Graco Sanispray HP20 cordless disinfectant sprayer kit offers the same features but also has adjustable flow control and comes with 2 x 18v batteries, 3 spray tips, a 40cm spray extension, 5 liner bags, a charger, and a carry bag included.